Remember at the start of the year when you were going to be super organised, grounded and grateful, all thanks to your new journaling habits, of course. Then Covid-19 came along and all motivation towards journaling when out the window? Yep, me too! Even as a writer I struggle to make the time to put pen to paper, so who am I to tell you to do so?

As we go into November, restrictions are starting to ease and we hold out hope for a great year to come! Making now, the perfect time to pick up old journaling habits.

So whether you’re here to express your gratitude, list your chaotic thoughts or just want to plan how on earth your going to get all your sh*t done! Here are the top journals, for all purposes, so you can go into 2021 full steam ahead!

Self exploration journal

This interactive journal has been created to help guide individuals, nurture their creativity and organise their thoughts.

The pages of this journal are filled with bright pictures and handwriting as well as inspirational quotes and open ended questions to prompt deep responses from its user.

Perfect for the procrastinator

Does the idea of journaling resonate with you but you have no idea where to start? Then this journal is for you.

The pages of this journal are filled with prompts and guides to shift your perspective and get those creative juices flowing.

Keep the bullsh*t at bay

Learn how to leave your bullsh*t behind and move on to better things.

This guided journal is like your best friend as a book, full of cursing and hard truths. This journal will help you stop dwelling on the past in order to move on and create a happy life for yourself.

For the time savvy

If you know how effective journaling is but lack the down time to actually put pen to paper. You need this journal in your life.

This five minute journal is specially structured to help you practice gratitude, increase your happiness and plan your day ahead in less than 5 minutes.

Travellers Journal

This travel journal will help keep everything in one place. Fill the pages with your flight, accommodation details and packing lists.

It also has lots of space to record your travelling experiences.

Wandering mind

These small journals are perfect for those who want to jot down their thoughts, ideas, daily to do lists and everything in between.

Ps these notebooks are made from 100% recycled paper!!

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Journals for every writer

  1. I loved all these fun ideas. I think they’d make great gifts and there a couple I think I’d like for myself. Seems like the perfect time to journal!

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