Its crazy what some extra tender, loving care for your skin and hair will also do for your Mental Health. Im sharing with you guys some super simple but effective natural skin and hair care GOODNESSSS, using 3 ingredients or less and only using products you should already have in your pantry.

Face Masks

Moisturising Magic
  • Coconut oil, natural moisturiser

Coconut oil is seriously the BEST natural moisturiser in my opinion and could be all you use on your skin. In summer, the coconut oil will usually be ready to apply however you can just zap it in the microwave for 5 seconds to make it easier to apply.
Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes
or you can leave it on overnight for a deep treatment.

Quick caution- if you believe your pores get easily clogged or you have very oily skin, you may decide to opt for an alternative mask as coconut oil could be too heavy for your skin type.

No more red skin
  • Oats, are a soft and natural exfoliant
  • Honey, has anti bacterial properties that help to reduce redness

Combine one table spoon of raw oats with one table spoon of honey, the perfect combo for your skin. The honey will help the oats stick to your face, while working as an Anti Inflammatory on your skin. Apply the mask to your face in circular motions and rinse with warm water.

Honey is full of antitoxins which are known to boost collagen production-BONUS!

Homemade face mask.

Exfoliating mask.
  • Brown sugar, works as a natural exfoliant
  • Coconut oil, applies moisture to the skin

Use equal parts coconut oil and brown sugar- combine the two to make an easy scrub. Apply to your face in circular motion and then rinse off with warm water.

The result?….. Seriously Glowing Skin.

Hair Masks

Oil control hair mask.
  • Egg whites, full of protien
  • Lemon, absorbs excess oil

Combine one egg white with a big squeeze of lemon juice in a bowl. Once you have a good consistency, apply the mixture from top to bottom on damp hair. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and rinse and wash as normal.

Girl with white nail polish, holding a lemon.

The all rounder.
  • Yoghurt, protein packed
  • Honey, adds shine and moisture

This super simple two ingredient mask is the ultimate all rounder! All hair types will benefit from this mask as it adds protein, moisture and shine to the hair. Combine half a cup of yogurt with two table spoons of honey. Mix to get a good consistency then apply to your hair, root to tip. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse and wash as normal.

PS…if you have any leftover this combo is also an awesome face mask.

Dry hair mask.
  • Avocado, natural moisturiser
  • Honey, brings back shine to the hair

Combine half a mashed avocado with one tablespoon of honey. Apply the mask from the roots to the ends, leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then rinse and wash as normal.

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  1. I love coconut oil as my moisturizer. I suffer from really bad dry skin on my face and it always helps get rid of the dry patches. Great article full of helpful tips!

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