Routine is so important in sustaining a happy mind and body. Adapting meditation into your daily routine can allow you to think more clearly, feel more energised and attract more joy to your life.

Meditation doesn’t have to be practised the traditional way you may be imagining. Start by mindfully breathing. You can do this by taking 4 breaths in, holding for 4 seconds then breathing out for 4 and holding at the bottom for 4. Repeat this 5 times and notice the difference in your mindset.

It may seem difficult to focus on deeply relaxing without falling asleep to begin with. Start slowly, begin by setting aside 5 minutes a day for meditation and slowly increase one day at a time.

Take advantage of resources Bloom is an app created to help YOU bloom into a better version of yourself. The app includes visual and guided meditations, mindful affirmations, yoga and other calming activities designed to calm the mind and body.

Fitness can be Fun!

It is so important to find alternate ways to stay active. Moving your body is a great natural antidepressant and immune booster.

Get busy in the garden! It is surprisingly physical. Gardening also gets you outside into fresh air which has multiple benefits on its own.

Dance for Fun Newcastle, have adapted their business to offer a variety of dance tutorials for all levels that can be accessed from the comfort of your home. Follow their Instagram to find out more!

Eat your Soul Happy

Start by eating more whole foods such as fruits and veggies! You’ll feel fuller for longer and more naturally energized.

How YOU can include more Fruits and Veggies into your life.

  • Add berries to your yogurt or cereal.
  • Swap muesli bars for carrot sticks.
  • Add shredded carrot into your mince..
  • Try using zucchini noodles instead of regular.
  • Make a homemade pizza and pack on the veggies!

Your body will thank you.

Get support– Feeling good about yourself and what you eat shouldn’t feel like a constant chore. Try reaching out for support in order to break bad eating habits. Lotus Health Co have select programs that can help YOU to achieve your goals and find a sustainable diet that works for YOU without totally restricting the foods that you love.

Good X Karma Soap.

Keep your hands clean

I feel like i might be stating the obvious here, but it is so important to keep your hands clean. Good X Karma Soap is handcrafted by a 9 year old boy whose mission is to help beat cancer! All the profits made go to COBLH a not-for-profit comprehensive cancer hospital in Sydney

Support a good cause whilst looking after yourself.

Keep your hands happy

With all the sanitising and washing of your hands I can imagine they’re getting very dry. Take Care of your hands with a moisturiser. I have suggested some below, ranging in price to suit every budget.

EGO QV Hand Cream 50mL $6.49

LANOLIPS Lanolips Rose Balm Intense for Very Dry Hands 50mL $16.99

ANTIPODES Joyful Hand & Body Cream 120 mL $33.99

The prices are as they are stated on

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