Indoor plants are well known for improving mood, reducing stress and creating better air quality. On top of that, they are beautiful and create a homely feel whether they fill your lounge room, bedroom or office.

Madona, Steve and Mr Planty all deserve tender care and attention, YES it’s okay to name your plants. Learn all the tips you need to help your little flora buddies thrive!

1. Less is More

Over watering is the biggest killer of indoor plants. Generally less is more when it comes to watering your plants. Keep in mind that some plant species such as succulents require nearly no water where as Cyperus are almost impossible to over water. So do your research, how much water does your indoor plant really need?

• A general rule when it comes to watering your plant;
If the soil is dry than water it, if it’s wet then leave it alone, if it’s moist or your unsure then leave it and check back in after a few days.

Watering indoor plants

2. Lighting Matters

Research the lighting needs of your particular plant species because some will require more sun than others. Like humans, if plants are exposed to direct sunlight in the middle of a hot day they have a chance of burning.

Signs that your plants are lacking sunlight include, no new growth, soil not drying out for weeks and brown tips. If natural sunlight isn’t possible, a grow light can be super helpful!

3. Mist

Misting your plants with room temperature water is the ideal way to ensure their leaves are clean and fresh. Misting indoor plants also provides moisture to their roots which makes happy, healthy plants.

A humidifier is the simplest solution to keeping your plants moist, you can get a 5-in-1 Humidifier, for as cheap as $39.99!

4. Feed your plants happy

Season to season you may need to fertilize your indoor plants to ensure they get the necessary nutrients to thrive in new conditions. You can do this with liquid or slow release fertiliser.

However if you want to avoid using chemical fertiliser within your home, naturally fertilising your pants is the way to go. It’s super safe and puts food waste to good use.

Natural Fertilisers include:
– Egg shells
– Banana peels
– Coffee grounds

5. Keep them clean

If dust appears on the foliage gently wipe over the leaves with a wet cloth. As mentioned before you may like to invest in a humidifier. They are an easy way to keep your plants clean and happy!

6. Repotting

When your plant begins to outgrow its pot it’s time to go a size up.
Treat your plant to some good quality potting mix and loosen any roots that have matted together. Learn how to re pot your indoor plants step by step here.

Repotting indoor plants

7. Talk to your plants

No you aren’t a crazy plant parent, talk to your plants as it can help them grow faster. Although, talking to your plants won’t help them grow faster if you’re forgetting to water or fertilise them, so remember all seven tips are important!

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4 thoughts on “How to have Thriving Indoor Plants

  1. Great quick tips here. I like the comments about lighting as I think that is what I struggle with most. I can grow anything outside but not so good in the house.

  2. My boyfriend and I just bought our first house plant the other day and are so excited! These tips are so helpful to us, and I will definitely be checking out that plant stand. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for this! I love a good house plant, but haven’t had the best of luck with them in the past! I just like bringing a bit of nature inside!

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