Are you also missing out on that overseas holiday, great music festival or new career opportunity??? This year was NOT meant to go like this and I think we could all agree we are missing out some way or another.

However we have to embrace the change because there is only so much ‘appropriate’ dwelling before we MUST move on.

Change the way you say it

Changing the context of your words is so powerful. You can feel sorry for yourself and find yourself in a constant cycle of disappointment OR you can turn the words around and make the situation a positive one.
Try changing “I would have” to “I will” and notice how you feel.

” I would have been going overseas this year” leads to feelings of disappointment.

I will go overseas and it will be worth the wait” encourages feelings of excitement and positivity.

Focus on what you can do NOW

Use the change of context rule here.
The time you lost this year VS The time you gained this year by not doing what you had originally intended.


Self care generally gets lost on the priorities list. The time is now to do something for you.

This might include

  • Getting creative
    Learn a new skill or re visit something you haven’t done in a while.
    Such as painting, drawing, knitting, cooking or writing.

personal side note- I have invested my extra time at home into creating this blog. This is something i never really considered doing but i seriously LOVE IT!

  • Focusing on Fitness
    Try a dance tutorial or yoga flow on youtube.

    Walk or ride your bike somewhere you would normally just drive.

    Try making one these healthy desserts & don’t feel guilty about eating it…all.

Create a Dream Box

A dream box is a place to store your dreams. You can be as creative as you want with your dream box.

Keep your dream box beside your bed and record things you want to be achieving on a piece of paper, then place into the box.

You are probably wondering how this fits into embracing change?
WELL… you can write down things that you feel you are missing out on such as “going to a music festival ” OR write down everyday things you are missing doing such as “getting my nails done”.

Its a great way to let go of what your missing out on so that it doesn’t consume so much negative thought in your mind. HOWEVER you aren’t completely dismissing it, because you are creating a kind of personal bucket list.

Its OK to not be OK

It is ok to feel disappointed or defeated.

Everyone experiences change differently and for some people it isn’t just a simple fix. Please remember you are NEVER alone and we are all experiencing this together.

Seek Help and Support.

It is important to reach out for support, there are so many available services that are there to help YOU no matter what your are experiencing. to find the appropriate helpline for your corner of the world.

Issy xx

6 thoughts on “Embracing Change

  1. Great post! I totally agree with you, we should switch the perspective from which we are seeing these times, and focus on what’s good about it 🌸 I’ll give the dream box a try

  2. A dream box, I love this idea. I’m trying to keep positive with so many things in life canceled. It’s hard sometimes, but you’re so right to focus on making those thoughts into something positive. Thank you for this inspiration today.

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